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Life Traps/Schema Group


The Life Trap/Schema Group is an ongoing weekly group designed for people who feel “stuck”repeating familiar negative patterns. These patterns are called schemas or “life traps.” Schemas develop because the absence of positive experiences and presence of negative experiences in childhood prevent the core emotional needs of childhood from being made. Maladaptive schemas lead to mood disorders, workplace and educational dysfunction, and relationship problems. They also suppress our educational and career potentials, diminish our ability to love and be loved, and prevent us from developing our own brand of happiness. Schema therapy is a holistic approach to treatment. Dr. Koziol's application of schema therapy integrates cognitive, behavioral, and interpersonal therapies with mindfulness principles, positive psychology, and the research literature on human happiness.


The Psychology Center clients can be registered by their therapist. Those who are currently not clients at The Psychology Center will need to schedule an intake with Ray Koziol prior to joining the group.

Expectations for Clients

Attend all group sessions; active participation. There will be a $25 fee to access online Life Traps group materials.

Insurance Billable in Most Cases